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Comment était votre semaine et comment vous font comme notre page de recherche jusqu'ici. Je pense que c'est joli frais(cool) mais j'ai des difficultés à trouver les images que je peux poster(afficher) sur notre blogue.

Hey guys,
How was your week and how do you like our research page so far? I think it is pretty cool but I’m having trouble finding images that I can post on our blog.

Posted by Victor 26/03/11

My opinion about this work:

So it's getting near the end of our work on this project. I really enjoyed this work. I had already known that there was whale hunting in the world, but I learnt many new interesting facts about the problem of whale hunting.

I discovered why we hunt them and I think it's horrible. Of course the people who hunt whales don't do it just for fun. Often, it's their livelihood. They know the problems that it can cause.
Finally, I enjoyed working in groups, and I want to do this again!

Posted by Laura 27/03/11

I agree with Victor ;)

I thought the work was going to be boring, but it didn't turn out so. I discovered many things while doing this work especially since we have had Americans giving us a little push to help us progress! I think we chose the best subject. Whales are really beautiful and very innocent.
I think I'm going to learn more about the topic over the next few months.

Posted by Mallaury 31/03/11

Our teacher asked us to post a message about why we have chosen "Whale Hunting". For me, this question is easy to answer; I really love animals, and this presentation helped me to understand why nations continue to hunt whales and also who tries to protect whales etc …

Posted by Phil 14/04/11

I really liked our project too. I learned a lot of new things about whale hunting that I did not know before.

I really liked working in a group as well because it would have been boring to make a website on our own.

Have a great week. Phil!

J'ai vraiment aimé notre projet aussi, j'ai appris beaucoup de nouvelles choses de whalehunting que je n'ai pas su(connu) auparavant.
J'ai vraiment aimé travailler(marcher) dans un groupe aussi parce qu'il aurait benn ennuyeux pour rendre un site Web sur notre propre.
Ayez une grande semaine super.
Cordialement Phil!

Posted by Laura 19/05/2011

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Posted by Phil
Bonjour, j'ai une page personal dans la website de nous.

Posted by Phil
Ok, it was a lot of fun to do this project with you guys. Hope you enjoy your summer.
Au revoir PHIL

Ok, c'était beaucoup d'amusement pour faire ce projet avec vous des types. L'espoir vous aime(jouit de) votre été.
Au revoir PHIL