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Level Disigner

-I would like to become an Level Disigner Designer because I like video games and I would create it them !

-An Level disigner create maps and spaces of the levels in the video games. He is responsible
for decors and for the environment, and he had has to have an part of background in architecturale because the resultat result
must be real, coherent but also varied.

-I love imagineary worlds and spaces for video games that's why Level disgner is the job who that is

-For this job, there are severals possibilitys possibilities of studys- : studys architectural studies or study "beaux arts" studies in art
but after, there is a degree university called "Gamagora"


-Here, it's London in "Call of duty Moderne Warfare 3" the video game who that is most the famous in the world. The city was partially reconstituted for so that the dumping would be more realistic.


The incredible engine called "Frostibite 2" allows
has video game "Battlefield 3" to have the beste quality of graphics for the level disign. Somewhere in a oriental Middle Eastern country ( Iraq etc…)


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