Victor G & Axel L

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Some useful expressions for your sketch

??-Hello ! Nice to meet you.

??????-hello, welcome in england, I hope you will like england more than france. Did you have a good trip?

yes, i'm habit take plane, I like very much travelling, but it's Always a little bit long.

after this journey, you must be tired


-do you want to visit London

-yes, it's the first time that I've been here

-I have a lot of things to show you

-i'm very impatient to see the Statue of Liberty, the monument who is most famous in the world !!!

-….here in England !…it's not the United States.

-well…yes ! absolutely, let's go ! Taxi, taxi !!

( they take a taxi to see Big Ben )

( at Big Ben )

-it's wonderful

-yes ! It's the Queen's house ! It's incredible !!

-euh….no ! it's Big Ben !

-This clock was built in 1856, and it's the symbol of London

-waoh … and where does the Queen live ?

-she lives in Buckingan palace, it's taller

-do you want to go thère ?

- Yes I want to go to Buckingan palace, I would like to visit it because I am passionate about architecture and this building is interesting !

- Buckingan Palace was built in 1702 by William Winde !

-after hearing that information, I would like to eat, doyou know a good rstaurant ?

-Yes, yes, I know a very good restaurant, do you want to go there ?

-yes let's go, I'll follow you !

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