Victor B S Blog

Posted on 16/12/2010
Hello! My name is Victor Buisine. I'm 15 years old. I love reggae music like that of Bob Marley and Danakil. I like video games like Fable III. I've got wavy brown hair and it's horrible so I wear a hat. I'm 171cm tall and weigh 64 kilos. I hate war; I'm a peaceful man, but I play rugby. I would like to be a physiotherapist. That is all I can say about me. I look forward to exchanging ideas. Kindest regards, Victor

Posted on 06/01/2011
Hello. I would like to start by wishing you all a Happy New Year!!! I live in Villevèque, a village near Angers. There are 700 inhabitants in the village. It's a very small town. I think we can't say it's a city. There is a river with a nice bank of sand by it; it is a bit like a little beach. In summer, there are a lot of tourists there! During my holidays, I spent a lot of time in my bed. I love sleeping!

Posted on 17/02/11
Hello! I want to tell you what I have done during the last two weeks. So two weeks ago, it was the first of February. During these two weeks I went to see a football match between Angers and Strasbourg in the French cup. Angers won 2-0! It was fantastic! We have qualified for the quarter finals of the cup. It’s a really difficult competition. I don’t think we can win the cup because the other French teams in the quarter finals are better. After the match I went to a party to celebrate the win. During these last two weeks I went to school, but I was really tired. I can’t wait until we have our school holidays! I’m waiting patiently for my holidays. I listen to music very often. I listen to Danakil (reggae) and Metallica (hard rock of course). During these two weeks, I did mostly the same things every day; I went to school, saw my friends, slept for a very long time, and played on my computer. Good Bye!

Posted on 11/03/11
Hello, I would like to tell you about what I did during my holidays. First, like everyone I spent a lot of time in my bed, sleeping and listening to music. It was really fun! During my holidays one of my best friends, who lives 250 miles from Angers, came to stay at my house, and we had a really fantastic weekend! We played on my computer console and listened to music together. Afterwards, we went to a youth club near my home. We spent a lot of time playing billards and football with other teenagers. After that he had to return home. Me, I continued to go to the youth centre every day. We went bowling in Angers; it was really cool! It was the first time I went bowling, and I'm not bad at it. At night we had a party at a friend’s house. At the party we listened to music and played the console…. My holidays were really cool, but I want to return to school to see my friends. Holidays are great, but school is funny too. That’s all! Have a nice holiday if you have one!

Posted on 31/ 03/11
Hello! Today and last week we saw in class the film "Bowling for Columbine" directed by Michael Moore. It was an interesting film that explains the danger of guns and violence in the United States. I was very shocked when Ilearned that the youngest killer was a boy six years of age. It's incredible. I said to myself, "How can he have a gun?" I learned that in America when you go to a bank to create an account, they sometimes give you a gun. It's unbelievable to me. Everybody in America can have a gun! And, why? Because the media instils fear in the population. They speak about violence, murders, and rapes. The population is scared, so they want to defend themselves by every mean. They are logical. When you are attacked, you tell the police because they have guns. So they buy guns to defend themselves as it makes them feel safer. But when you look at how many homicides that occur in America and compare the situation to o France, Germany and Spain, you've got a big difference. I think they've got to change or put an end to the second amendment in America, and put an end to the sale of guns and bullets. I think this will help reduce the rate of homicide. We must change all that if we want to save lives.

Posted on 21/04/11
Are there any special events or festivals that are held in Angers?
In Angers, we have the gay pride parade. It's a party for people who are homosexual, but we can all join in. Everybody dances, sings and chooses people to kiss!

Posted on 19/05/11
- Special events:
o Name some special events that you celebrate at home.
I celebrate the beer festival just like in Munich. We drink beer as a family. I celebrate this festival with my sister.
o How do you usually celebrate these events?
We celebrate the beer festival every year.

- National holidays:
o Why are these national holidays important?
There are 3 national holidays on 1 January, 6 June and 14 July.
§ Do you celebrate it with your family and/or friends?
I celebrate the New Year (1 January) and Bastille Day (14 July) with my friends, but I don’t celebrate the holiday on 6 June.
§ What do you do on these days?
I have a big party with my friends; we dance and we drink alcohol.
§ Do you eat special foods?
§ How does your country celebrate?
Every year!

School life/School system in Angers/France:
- School system in France:
o Primary, secondary and tertiary education.
§ When do you start school in France?
We start school when we are 3 years old.
§ Is school compulsory for everyone and until what age is it compulsory?
It’s obligatory from the age of 3.
o Baccalauréat:
§ When do you do your BAC?
We do our BAC at the age of 18.
§ Does everyone have to do the Baccalauréat examination?
People who are in ‘terminal’ (final year of high school) have to do the Baccalauréat.