Valentin P's Presentation of a French city

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The city of Albi has a historical center: the episcopal city of Albi, which represents a large group of representative building of this type of urban developement in Europe, from the Middle Ages and modern times contenporaine. St. Cecilia's Cathedral is the symbol of the work of Roman DERAD Christian bishop of the heresy of the thirteenth century Cathars, finished in the fifteenth-sixteenth century by a unique interior decoration, a choir and a late Gothic sculpture over the value of clean and beautiful the city 's finally expresses a medieval urban landscape very well preserved and a great authenticité.Tous its old architectural elements are part of the historic area whose only damage the integrity of her due to redevelopment of the nineteenth and early the twentieth century. albi is nicknamed the "Red City" because its historic center is built of red brick. In 2009 France the proposed World Heritage of UNESCO.

I would much prefer, Valentin, that you use simple English : your English & not some translator's English which is so bad that I can barely understand what you want to say. Can you change this text & make it your text. Thanks!


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