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les 2 alpes

les deux alpes is a station locate in the french alps , of 1600m & 3600m high in oisans and in the district of isere (38) , which is located across the val d'isere and of 64 km from grenoble , les deux alpes is one of the first french ski resorts in france to have been which was created after fifty years ago and which has 30 million visitors each year to 240,300 a year residents in the station today


Initially, a pasture on which families Venosc and Mont de Lans were installed to a breeding cows


in 1932 rodolphe tessa built a shelter on the Alpe de Mont de Lans. In 1934, the family Mounier opened an inn on the Alpe Venosc. The first skiers access to the plateau on foot and their belongings on mules … Glacier Hotel was built in 1936 by families and GRAVEL CHALVIN.

The first road link is was created between Mont de Lans village and the Alpe and ends the day before the declaration of world war.
The settlers felt that the Alpe had everything to play the card "tourism": beauty of the site, configuration of the plateau, and exceptional estate.

Jean KEMLER engineer on holiday on the Alp decidesd to realised realize a dream: Install the first lift on the slope of motorized Cloûtets. He failsed, and the war put a temporary end to evolution. In 1945, Jean de ROODENBECKE, Belgian born priest, built with men of the plateau Foyer St Benedict
in 1948 birth of the concept "station"


The first ski lift operations will be were commissioned Christmas 1946 on the field Pied Moutet. That winter, Dec. 20, Louis Carrel, inauguratesd the first Ski School: Ski Club of Meije with Auguste Carrel, Hyppolite Mounier, Germaine Carrel, Louis Guignard and Joseph MARTIN. This transforms the mountain chalet family to open the coffee shop was a 47 restaurant. RODENBECKE's father will be was in charge of the Festival Committee.


In 1950, they acquired with Joseph Martin, 3 units of the Pied Moutet ski lift, which formed the starting point for the adventure of ski lifts. The shops are were multiplying about Stephen MARTIN, he began construction in 1951 of the Diable cable car and one of the biggest hotels in the Alps. Joseph MARTIN was created in 1955 the ski to 2.50 F. The same year the name 2 ALPS is adopted
René FAURE in 1957, was appointed station manager, surrounded by Joseph and Edward MARTIN CHALVIN the lifts, Louis Carrel at the ski school. Tourism has a program of actions and multiple emerged: organization of sports events, entertainment, home and setting up an emergency service.

in the 80's a new direction for the station, which has its international dimension. Real estate development with the construction of the village of Clos des Fonds, the layout of the place of residence Venosc with Orion and Zac du Soleil. It is also the arrival of the station was the first Italian ski clubs that will have Transalpine notoriety.
The station reached a capacity of 22,000 beds and the ski area has 160 km of slopes.

In 1985, inauguration of the House which houses the 2 ALPS: the Tourist Office, the French Ski School, the central reservation and Radio 2 ALPS. At Christmas, the company delivers the POMAGALSKI Jandri Express, which went up in 30 minutes in 2 sections 1550 m in altitude between the station of the glacier

In 2008, the station has risen 107 mechanics and 225 km of ski slopes.

In 2010, les deux alpes is declared the largest ski area of Europe


Today there are many hotels such as Club Med, the hotel and all other mercury first hotel created before, with new facilities with an ice rink, tobogganing summer and the free shuttle for those who take the vacancy in the station, they are 30 million holidaymakers every year to 240 300 inhabitants for this station

les deux alpes has a life in winter and summer, winter is the ski season and summer is the season of hiking on the various natural site of mountain biking


She also organizes the world's mountain biking and skiing with his huge ski area, which makes it increasingly known around the world


and during this test, participants must make their freestyle skiing or mountain biking, and after a downhill ski area of the two alps


the station also has closing dates for visitors to the renovated hotel put a big disposistion of holiday cottages that are or renovated by the inhabitants of this station, the closure is between September and November



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