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La possonniere

This is a small city peupled with a population of 2336 persons and is superficie at eleveted at has an elevation of 18.6 km² and she participated at the District of St georges Sur Loire . This city has is classified an unesco heritage site, thanks to a lot of culturel buildings.

La Possonnière have has got one bearing and it is used a lot of time many times in the through history , for example , the Vikings went back up the river for to conquer the distrcit districts ine the of France , after the bearing was used for the transportation of goods in the France , to go for St Etienne at St Nazaire or Nantes.

The city was has created more of many activities and services for to help or distract the inhabitants . She It created charitable associations charitable for to help person people how has who have got some mental or physical problems .

There are a lot of storekeppers loke like the mold , tabacconist , supermarket and the hairdresser , two restaurants , one bar and one campingground how and it attracts more people every year . Just for the news , the bar had some problems with the police because he not declared to the distric of St Georges , he is forced to close definitately .

The city have has got more of federations of sports look loke like the district of football of the Possonniere for the person interested for the pratic of the sport in sports.

And to , not far of from the village , on the road to go at to St Georges sur Loire , there are l'Arche , an amusement park in the nature where the attractions work without electricited electricity.

Next to the arche , there are is the kangarooes park , for looking at the kangarooes in the nature .

Since the Middle Age, there are has been a church for to go pray at. The city have has got two school for the kids and during released school breaks , the kids can go to the cinema in the Possonniere for to look see movies of look or a piece of theatre.

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The photos are on the way………….