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My name is Valentin , I live in angers , I'm 17 and I'm in STL1 at Jean Moulin School.

I like the colors green and brown , to party all night , sports and more activities in life.

I practice rugby in shcool and outside school , I practise kayak

In the future , I would like to be a doctor and have no plans to create a family later.


During my Christmas holiday , I see saw my friends during all the throughout the holiday , go went to a party and to the Cinemaat Cinema where I was looking saw Intouchables , a movie who that taking talks about one person with the a handicap where we can't walk , this person was very rich and he hiring interviewed a lot of person people , in this among these person people they are there was one lad of district from the inner city who he change the life of the handicapped person.
I've got much a lot of money for to buy some clothes and one new television by for all of my family.

Bonjour Valentin! Je m’appelle Winter et j’ai quinze ans. Je vis dans Okanogan, WA. J’aime bien vert aussie! J’adore écouter de la musique, allant au cinéma avec mes amis, dormir, et avec les copains. J’aime bien faire du sport. Particulièrement volley. Je n’aime pas le chocolat et faire les magasins. Et toi? Je suis un sophmore. Tu as quells cours? J’aime bien géométrie, c’est intéressant. Comment tu trouves la géométrie? Uhmmm… Tchao!

hello Winter. I like to go shopping too ! I'm going shoping in 2 weeks , and I like listening to music : I listen to reggea , dancefloor and other music I like , and you ? At school I do microbiology and biotechnology and biochemistry 8 hours a week , after I've standard courses, some like you I think : I've got mathematics , French , English , P.E./sports , physics and chemistry , Spanish , and rugby on Wednesdays. In my classe we don't study geometrics in maths , we do a lot of calculations , & maybe more later in the year. What are the subjects in your school ? see you later , kisses