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Video from Fox News
The most coveted lottery ticket in the world & the prize : the right to live & work in the USA legally.
1st person interviewed =} "These are educated people with specialty training & education, so they're not being underpaid & they're hired for jobs that there aren't any US workers to fill".
98% of H1D applicants have a Bachelors Degree & most end up working in the high tech industry.
Now US workers complain these thousands of foreign workers are taking jobs because they're willing to work for a lower salary than Americans demand.
2nd person interviewed =} "This H1D is nothing but the modern version of a cheap labor program".
More than 50% of these 3-year visas go to Eastern Indians trained in cities like Mumbai but most don't go home when the visas expire making Indians the fastest growing group of illegal immigrants in the USA.
Supporters argue it's the price America pays to stay competitive.
3rd person interviewed =} "There are 2 options: get the people & get the work done here or move their businesses to India where there is an availability of high tech people".
The growing population of illegal Indian nationals has Latino activists wondering why there're not treated the same as Mexicans.
Well first, 270,000 illegal Indians is a drop in the bucket compared to 7 million illegal Mexicans.
Second, Indians are not blamed for clogging US jails or prisons.
Finally, Indian children generally speak English.
………(journalist for Fox News)

Reform that will carve a path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants & keep families together.
Maria Jacome =} "Families are getting destroyed & the children are getting left alone in their homes, they don't know when the parents are coming back home & once they find out, they don't have anywhere to go."
In NYC demonstrators talked about what life is like without citizenship.
Felix Guzman's family is in Mexico city
Felix Guzman : "For 13 years I haven't seen my grandmother, my family I can't go out, I can't have no (any!) vacation, my son asked me to take him out (&) I can't take him out because of my citizenship".
Bur Guzman & others here say they won't give up the fight. Thousands of New Yorkers are marching in solidarity across the Brooklyn bridge calling for immigration reforms & they're not alone. This is happening in more than a hundred cities across the country. In Arizona, 3000 protestors marched a mile to federal hall.
Alberto Cuellar : "We come from Mexican roots but we're American. We're all here for the same dream, we're all here because we're all son American, we've been Americanized, our roots are here, we're Americans".
Those sentiments echoed in Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Nashville (Tennessee), Philadelphia & in LA. They call these demonstrations "the National day of dignity and respect" but one New Yorker stood out in the crowd & said immigration reform should mean tightening border security.
James Mac Donald : "I don't care, they're an invading army. I'm interested in Americans, all I care about is that they go back to their own country (&) I don't care how it happens.
These rallies were a prelude to a larger protest planned on the National Mall in Washington on Tuesday.
…………(name of journalist for Aljazera NY)