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Hey my name is Emilie, iI live in sSaint sSylvain d'aAnjou.
S It is situated in 10 km in the northeast of Angers. The highway A11 crosses the municipality.
A highway station, baptized " Area of the Doors of Angers ", is situated on in the municipality in the kilometer 238, near the Exhibition center of Angers. She(iIt) consists of a gas station, two restaurants and a hotel.
The legend would like have it that Saint Sylvain pulls(fires) gets his its name of from the fact that the village emerged from the forest (" silve " in Latin), unless it is the chapel, dedicated to sSaint Silvin who gave him(her) his(her) it the title.

The first toponymies of the city go back up(raise) to the year One thousand 1000. There was a castle on a clod, named(appointed) cCastle of Iscarbot. In the XIVth century, the seigneurial family of Poyet attachesd this fief to their domain under the name of Escharbot. Afterward the place will take took the name of Saint-Silvin1.

Having known among others the big plague of 1626, the famine of 1661 and 1662, the scarcity in 1693 and 1694, and the dysentery in 1779, Saint Sylvain becomes became a common after the French Revolution, with a mayor and his local councillors managing her(it).

It is was in 1919 only that the ending " of Anjou " comes came.
In 2010, the municipality counted had 4,440 inhabitants. The evolution of the number of inhabitants is known through the population censuses made taken in the municipality since 1800. From the XXIth century, the real censuses(inventories) of the municipalities of less than 10,000 inhabitants take took place every five years, contrary to the other municipalities which have had a sample survey every years.
Space out Victor Hugo, understanding the library(bookcase) " Red House " and the showroom " Houdebine ", inaugurated in September, 2009.
Music school

The association of amateur theater, The eye of Mandraccasspam, has containsed since 2009 the children's troop child " The Cat(Chat) which Mews ", which is integrated(joined) into the association. The name of the grown-up troop becomes became then "Les Noeils".

Amphitéa ( 7500 places(squares)) within the Exhibition center of Angers
Room of King René (village hall)

A committee is loaded of responsible for the organization of demonstrations(appearances) on the life in the Middle Ages. TRADUCTEUR ??

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