Tiffany B's Presentation of a French city

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I chose Perpignan as my city. This city is situated in the region of Languedoc Rousillon, more precisely in the Pyrénées-Orientales. It is a very beautiful city of a little more than 115 000 inhabitants. It is a very populated municipality . The inhabitants of Perpignan are called " Perpignanais" (for the male population) and " Perpignanaise"(for the female population). It is a very sunny region and it is generally hot. Perpignan is composed of 5 districts. Perpignan is situated in a privileged environment: right by the sea & close to mountains & especially Canigou Massif. It is an important municipality at the time of the Romains. From this period until the beginning of the 17th century Perpignan was a Spanish city. It was the capital Catalogne.Perpignan makes left cities the most visited to the world.



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