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For now, I live in a house in Angers in front of the castle. I've lived there since I was born.

Angers in short:
Angers is a city in the Maine-et-Loire department in western France about 300 km south-west of Paris. Angers is located in the French region known by its pre-revolutionary, provincial name, Anjou, and its inhabitants are called Angevins. The city of Angers itself has a population of 157,000 inhabitants, while 283,000 people live in its metropolitan area. The city traces its roots to early Roman times. It occupies both banks of the Maine, which is spanned by six bridges. The district along the river has flourishing nurseries and market gardens. It is known for its fresh produce and cut flowers.
The transports they are: – motorways or what's known as highways in the US - the trainthe bus and recently, the tram
Angers has many sports teams playing at top levels (Angers SCO, Les Ducsd’Angers, Angers NautiqueAviron…)


Since this summer we are building a bioclimatic (What is that?)house in Soucelles. We live behind it. My father built it from A to Z & that is why it is taking so much time to build. For the moment we are still putting down the foundations, it's really long to do. It’s a house built from straw.
There is 2 months:


Soucelles is a small town twenty km from Angers. There are about 2500 inhabitants. This area is really pretty. However, there are no big supermarkets, so we must go a Tierce to shop (whic is one and a half kilometers away). There are many fields and forests, there is even a river which is very close to the town. When you want to go to Angers, three forms of transport are possible: the car (twenty minutes) bus (forty five minutes) and only two kilometers away there is Briollay station.There the people are very nice and friendly. They assist and are willing to help you out for free which is great and this makes the city what it is.


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