Theo M's ideal job



Since I was little I want to be a firefighter. I live 500 meters from the barracks of St. Laud. Every night I hear at least once the siren of a fire fighting vehicle. To go to school I passed and that's what gave me desire to do this job. In 3rd I did my internship at the barracks with Sergeant Stéphane Piron. This course gave me much more, it has to last three days, the last day was my birthday. The barracks have offered me a polo firefighter and a helmet. During this courses I present at the taking of car lights and a training camp in preparation Feneu. What attracts me in this job is the diversity and risk taking to rescue people in danger. (See photos below)


I also try the complete equipment for firefighters. He is training with the large scale, and they asked me to ride in from above we see everything Angers.