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Montreuil-Bellay is a little village next to Saumur. They There are 3 bakeryies, one supermarket, 3 grounds of football fields and 3 grounds of tennis courts, one college and 3 schools. My house is opposite to the staduim. There is a castele and there is an ancient concentration camps.
In 2010, there was were aproximately 4,000 people. The area of Montreuil-Bellay is about 50km².

The college is one of most beautiful in France. He It was built in from 2008 at to 2011 and while he it was in construction, we studied in prefabricated buildings.
When I was in 4ème, my college organized a competiton of aviation and I finished 5th of the college. I waon the right to fly in a little plane in a aerodrome in Saumur.

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