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I am Legend


I am Legend is a a an American movie directed by Francis Lawrence, released in 2007.

This movie was teken taken from the novel by Richard Matheson published in 1954.



a scientist found what apppeared to be a vaccine against cancer. However, after some testing, he realised this vaccine killed made people weaker and transformed others into mutants. Nobody finds could find a cure for the virus wich decimed which attacked the population. But Dr. Robert Niville ( Will Smith ) is a doctor and he is immunised against the virus. He spends his time doing expériences carrying out experiments. One day, he falls into a trap set by hummians humans ? who have been transformed and his dog was contamineted so he was obliged to kill her. Frustrated at not finding a cure and thought to be the last surviving person, he fails to get killed many times by mutants. It He is fortunately saved by a survivor who ingnore mutants lived at night (I can't understand this part of the sentence) because they burn in the sun, it makes them discover the hideout of Neville. He prepares to deliver a death struggle fight to the death with all the mutants. For As an ultimate sacrifice,
it he allows another survivor to escape and give it to another group rescued a remedy against the virus (I can't understand this part of the sentence) .

By Ford Motor Company [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Il manque la légende !

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