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My village is in french France, in Maine et lLoire side in next to Beaufort en vVallé. I love my village because he it is calm.


Here is my best photo of Brion in the snow , this is one remarkable church in France .


Here is shown the entrance of Brion.
Brion is composed of 1,144 inhabitants ( scensus poublished in 2012) whit with a density of 40.44 persons per km2.


My village is paired with Travagliato , which is in Italia. there 5 Brion in France ??.


Brion is well known for playing hard ball , in my village there are two fields. This game plays is a bit like bowls except that the balls do not have the same form. This It is often the erlderly who plays.
To conclude, i I say my village is small , there aven't isn't a market but it is quiet and i I love it.

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