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Charlie winston

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I will present a Britishsinger britanic, his name is Charlie Winston, he was born on 14 september 1978 in Cornouailles in Royaume Unis Cornwall in the UK.
He is a singer, author, compositor, interpret, guitarist. He plays a pop-rock and blues. He plays a the guitare, the piano and bass.
He started a activity working on a new album in 2008 for out a new album (released under the title Hobo in 2009 and running still in 2011).
He has got one brother, his name his Tom Baxter. He has got a real world and atmos pheriques (Confus). He learned the piano very young. At 17 years old, he joined a faculty of music in London.

His first album make way realised was released in 2007 under the label Real World, her his second album was realised released under the French label Atmospheric, January 26 2009, the success of Charlie Winston is was initially exclusively francophone in French-speaking countries. His first dark his a best ( like a hobo ) (I can't understand this sentence) , in the second album there is : In your hands, Like a hobo, Kick the bucket, I love you smile, My life as a duck, Boxes, Calling me, Tongue tied, Soundtrack to falling in love, Generation spent, Every step and My name.

In 2010 Charlie Winston is was requested by Benoît Pholippon to appear in his film Lullaby. He realised made a third album which is called Running Still & some of the songs on this album are there : Hello alone, Speak to me, Where can I buy happiness? , The great conversation, She went quietly, Unlike me, Until you’re satisfied, Wild ones, Making yourself so lonely, Rocking’ in the suburbs, Summertime here all year and Lift me gently..

Tom Baxer ( brother of Charlie Winston) is singer and coposeur composer but his he is much less known.

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