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Note 17/20

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5/6 points pour l'Anglais (bien)
3/3 points pour le choix/Intérêt du texte (intéressant)
3/3 points pour un texte personnel ou personnalisé (personnalisé)
2/2 points pour le nombre de mots (ok)
1/2 points pour le respect droits
1/2 points pour la bibliographie
2/2 points pour l'organisation/mise en page (assez attrayant)

. Pour elle

"Pour elle", is a triller's movie thriller about a family with Julien and Lisa they who have a children Oscar. One day, Lisa the wife is arrested by the police for a crime.

Witch With Margaux we have worked about on the differences between the French version and the Americain version.

They There are a lot of differences than between the Amercain version and French versions.
On In the French version caracteres nommed the characters are named Lisa and Julien contrary to the Americain version who caracters are nommed where the characters are named Lara and John.
On In the Americain version we know only at the end Lara didn't commit the crime while in the French version who we know from the beginning Lisa didn't commit a the crime. And on in the Americain version we know who killed the lady and the police made carried out ​​more searches while in the French version we see of in a country, the police didn't search (I can't correct this part of the sentence because I don't understand what you mean).
On In the Americain version Oscar, her son goes to a birthday party contrary to the French version who where Oscar stays alone.
On In the Amercain version the visiting room visits for the detainees it is smaller than in the French version

My avie of opinion of this film is rather favorable, but I think the course is plot of the American version of the film is a little too predictable. It is a good movie but not spectacular.

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