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** Welcome to Cornillé les Caves**


Cornillé cellars les Caves is among the five most beautiful villages of Maine et Loire.

Help with a map !

I live in Cornillé les Caves, Cornillé les Caves is a small French small commune (10.38km²) located of in Maine et Loire and in the region Pays de la Loire in the township of Seiches sur le Loir, who which is located to 12km from my house, where I was go for went to study in my college.
My town is very small with 422 occupants named Cornillois, or Cornilloises.
Want What my town is known for is for snails, they are a delicious !!


We think, my town was probably formed around a domaine celte-gaulois Celtic-Gaullic time. And it was developped an a hillock who that dominates in the North.
A lot of limestone quarryies gave it the name "Cornillé les Caves". Troglodytes was were conserved.


They are a turn,This is a tower.. —wWe don't know exactly why she it was built but we think she it was built due to a rivalry between two familyies.
This is These are 2 pictures of the turn tower probably build due to rivalry between 2 familyies.
Neighboring cities are Bauné (1km), Lué-in-Baugeois (3km), Chaumont d'Anjou (5km), Fontaine-Milon (4km) and Maze (5km).
My town is located east of Bauné, in on the road D116. Who is lLocated to 2km from my house, I was study studied in this school.

My house: 8413021933_2f49e0f450.jpg

This is my house where I have lived from since I was 9 years old, after it was a farm ! I like a lot this house a lot, they are there is just only one problem: my neighbors haven't children.. But they are very very nice !


My town it's is maybe very very small with just 422 inhabitants, he but it has a big charm. Indeed, every years the young childrends have a gift by the get a gift from Santa Claus. They are a beautiful gifts ! For exeample 3 years ago I had got a book about Sciences.


This is a picture of this big tree next to the town hall decorated for the holiday season.

251747_600132260012679_652836844_n.jpg The church536918_600132320012673_165763026_n.jpg
And the town hall

[Je suis désolée si toutes les photos ne sont pas petites mais je n'arrivais pas à héberger des images via Flickr. Je les ai donc hébergées grâce à facebook malheureusement on ne peut pas les rendre plus petites]

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