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What are the qualities required to be a good employee ?

I have qualities and inconvenience.For me my qualities required to be good employee it is first to like the work, to like its job.
Rigorous; sérious, pleasant, generous being in the domain or practise.
It is necessary credit note of good relation with his partners but before being employed it is necessary be sarted work and there is imported stage has to exceed which is the interview of ambauche which asks for criteria rather strict as indeed presented, to have a control of the language and a control of the languages foreign, to show his motivation and why me coisiron. I and another people.
I am to determine, has to reach has my objectives, to be autonomous, if possible, to be general purpose me integret has quite jobs confused.
I do not like staying has to make nothing, to mone, decouvrir of the other "work".
I was employed i would be sacrifice myself has to make hours moreover, do a service hazs my fellow man quite his qualities will make of me one day a good employed in a bunisses.By reading my text, ihop for reader and for reader that it shell tempt you and me ambaucher in your compagny one day.
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Corrected text:

What are the qualities required to be a good employee ?

Like every employee, I have my qualities and my faults. For me the qualities required to be good employee are: to be rigorous; serious, pleasant, generous. But it is necessary to like the job you do. It is necessary to have good relations with your co-workers but before trying to be a good employee it is necessary find the right job and for that you must sit a job interview & have all the essential know-how & knowledge (even of foreign languages) to hired . You must show your motivation & qualities if you want to succeed in getting the job. I am determined to reach my objectives, to be autonomous, if possible, to fit in I do not like doing nothing and I want to discover the world of work
If I got a job, I'd be willing to do long hours. Moreover, by doing the same job as my fellow workers & having the same qualities will make me some day a good employee any business. By reading my text, I hope that the reader will appreciate my text and will be tempted to take me on in his company one day.
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