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Jérémy comes to London to stay for 2 weeks

Rosie: Hi! What's your name?

J: Hello! My name is Jérémy and you?

R: I’m Rosie. The trip went well ?

J: No, I lost my suitcase at the airport

R: Oh no ! Don'tworry, we’ll go shopping.

J: Great, we’re going to visit London

After a whole afternoon of shopping

R: Right, now you just have to put your stuff in the room.

J: Let’s got !

Arriving at Rosie's

J: It’s beautiful!

R: Thank you!

J: Where is my room?

R: Here!

J: Okay

R: Settle in and you can join me in the kitchen

After eating

R: Tonight, I plan to go to a disco with my friends! Do you want to come with us?

J: Absolutely, I want to meet new people!

R: Ok, let's go!

Arriving at the night club

Kadi: Hello! You must be Jérémy? Rosie told us so much about you.

J: Yes it's me but I told you about how it? I hope for good. (I can't understand this sentence) (oui c'est moi, mais comment ? En bien j'espere. )

R: Of course that could be said of evil upon you (I can't understand this sentence)
Pourriez-vous écrire ces 2 phrases en français SVP (évidemment que pourrait on dire de mal sur toi. )

J: Yeah, I hope

K: Where are you from?

J: I come from Paris.

K: I often dream about going there!

J: If you want when you go there you can call me and I'll show you around Paris.

K: Ok, thank you. how nice it is good to go in night club.(I can't understand this sentence)
Pourriez-vous écrire cette phrase en français SVP (Ok, merci. Il est temps maintenant d'aller en boite de nuit. )

Comment : okay, good, but the sentences are too short.

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