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80px-Blason_ville_fr_Chemill%C3%A9_%28Maine-et-Loire%29.svg.png Chemillé is situated in the east of Chapelle-Rousselin, on the RD160, which is the axis Angers-Cholet. Chemillé is distant a 20km distance from Cholet of 20 km (in the southwest) and of 32 km from Angers (in the northeast). Chemillé is on the edges of Hyrôme. Chemillois has a historical heritage which that goes back up in to the Middle Ages. The country, is strongly marked by the religious wars in the XVIth century and the French revolution in the XVIIIth century.

100_2286.JPG 1 00_2284.JPG This is the church Notre-Dame (the new). Sculpture Plantagenêt, realized constructed from 1879 till until 1884 on from the plans of Dainville and Dussauze.

100_2288.JPG This is the church Notre-Dame (the former). The former church Notre-Dame dates partially back to the XIIth century: the bell tower dates back to the XIIth century, it is surmounted by an arrow from the XVIth century. Since it Bbecame too small, the church Notre-Dame is was abandoned in 1885. We decided then to build a new church called Notre-Dame, in place of the Perrochères.

100_2315.JPG This is the church Saint Pierre. It is situated near my street. Its chorus and its bell tower are of from the 11th century, its transept of from the 11th and of 16th centuries, its portal of from the 13th century, its nave was reconstructed in the 19th century and its murals dates back to the the 13th century.

100_2293.JPG This is the cinema Le Club of Chemillé. This is a little cinema but it is adapted of to the city. It is situated has on the Rue des Venelles. Its telephone is the 02 41 30 37 73.

100_2294.JPG The middle school Pierre et Marie Curie is situated has on the Rue de l'Union. Its phone number is the 02 41 30 62 18.

100_2295.JPG The Centre Social : 5 rue de la Gabardière ; 02 41 30 50 55 ; rf.ossa.ellimehc-laicosertnec|sofni#rf.ossa.ellimehc-laicosertnec|sofni
L'Usine - spaces out youth

Aimed at the public: young people from 14 to 18 years old of the Association of local authorities of the region of Chemillé.

The space for youth " THE FACTORY ", situated on the parking lot of the Community center, is opened in a regular way ??. Central element of our action(share) in the direction of the young people, the FACTORY is a space where the organizers(presenters) will owe:
- Welcome and listen to
- Put in movement
- Value the projects and the knowledges TRADUCTEUR??

THE FACTORY is a place "resource" for the young people of the Chemillois.

The space is opened:
- Wednesday and Saturday from 2:00 pm till 6:00 pm
- From Monday to Friday during the school holidays

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