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2,5/3 points pour le texte personnel ou personnalisé (assez personnalisé)
1/2 points pour le nombre de mots (pas suffisamment)
0/2 points pour le respect droits (pas d’illustrations)
0/2 points pour la bibliographie // (pas de bibliogr.)
0/2 points pour l'organisation/mise en page //(peu attrayant)

++ Titre ???

It is a group of Breakbeat and turntablism and their music has an electronic sound. They come from Nantes. First of all, 20Syl and Greem were in a group called “Hocus Pocus” and Atom and Pfel DJs in a Club.

In 2003, C2c participed battle who fours Djs fights fours others Djs (I cant understand this sentence). After four years, C2c won this battle and their videos of this it on Youtube were very successful.

From 2008 and to 2011, C2c was nominated in “victoire de la musique” ("Music Victories", which is an annual French award ceremony).

In 2010, C2c created some sounds in the studio of 20Syl. And in 2012 the group released Tetr4, which is the first album of C2c.

The group went to took part in a lot of festivals in France and to in the biggest in france called “Les vieilles charrues”. In Within two years, the group was known worldwide and in 2011 the song “Down the road” was watched 7 milion times on Youtube.

Illustrations ???




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