Poaching Blog

I like this topic because it allows me to discover many new facts about poaching that I did not know before. I have found that the number of animals killed is immense. The number of animals killed has not stopped increasing, and the increase in demand for ivory is not helping. I think that an exchange with correspondents on the same subject can bring a lot to the project, and it allows you to see different views on the subject.
By Romain Ménard

I find that our subject is very interesting because we learn a lot of very surprising, interesting new facts! In addition, having correspondents with whom we can talk about the topic is not only instructive, but it also helps us to improve our English! I hope that we can continue communicating via internet, and maybe through calling as well. What do you think Blanca? I look forward to seeing our work progress! Let us continue!
By Aline. ♥

I'm not particularly interested in this topic. However, I am learning more about poaching in Africa, and I agree that animals in Africa must be protected. There are many rich people who kill animals to make more money while there are many African who are starving. It's horrible!
By Anael