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2/3 points pour le choix/Intérêt du texte (assez intéressant)
3/3 points pour le texte personnel ou personnalisé (personnalisé)
2/2 points pour le nombre de mots (ok)
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0/2 points pour la bibliographie (pas de bibliogr.)
0/2 points pour l'organisation/mise en page (peu attrayant)

Example - Elliot John Gleave

Elliot John Gleave was born the twentieth of June nineteen eighty-two at a — on 20 June 1982 in West London in Fulham. Better known —by for his work, because is as a singer his name is “Example” wich he which comes because from his real name, Elliot John, E-G being his initiales and they mean "For example".

He was beginning began at the age of fifteen when he was going at a battle of rap betwenn played with Wu-Tang Clan et Snoop dogg. And they give gave him a chance.

But he was serious beginning really only began at the age of 22 years old in the year two thousand and four. He released three singles: the first who has a label whose title is All The Chats and the second I Don’t Want To came out in January two thousand and six but after he has attracted the attention about of two managers and one a radio station, he deals with the Beats (I can't understand this part of the sentence) and they released, in November two thousand and six, What We Made but it is not with it who is that song which made him famous.

In two thousand and nine, he make released Won’t go quietly and with Watch the sun come he is begin to begin became famous and after later with Won’t go quietly and “Kickstarts. The better best song of the album is Kickstarts because it was third of the top music charts in Great Britain and the album was fourth of the Album Charts in the United Kingdom. The last year he makes released Playing in the Shadow with Changed the way you kiss me which was first reached N°1 in the UK, Stay awake which starts first reached N°1 too. This album was makes best seller than selling album the previous year.

His last album isn’t is still not released because it’s the to due out on 19 November 2012 his and its name is The Evolution Man. It has Coming Back with Calvin Harris, Say Nothing and Close enemies. The genres of Example are were Alternative Hip Hop at the beginning but now its mostly electro house and euro dance. He uses his voice and a synthesizer because he is singer & song-writer.

In two thousand and ten, he wons won Popjustice pound20 music prize with Kickstarts
In two thousand and eleven, he was nominated to as Best male artist ; Best independent artist or group ; Best boy and Best video with Changed the way you kiss me and Stay awake.
In two thousand and twelve, he was nominated of in the Brit awards with Changed the way you kiss me.

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I am Legend

I am Legend is a an American movie directed by Francis Lawrence, released in 2007.
This movie was teken from the novel by Richard Matheson published in 1954.



Illustration ???

009 (????), a scientist found what apppeared to be a vaccine against cancer. However, after some testing, he realised this vaccine killed made people weaker and transformed others into mutants. Nobody finds could find a cure for the virus wich decimed which attacked the population. But Dr. Robert Niville ( Will Smith ) is a doctor and he is immunised against the virus. He spends his time doing expériences carrying out experiments. One day, he falls into a trap set by hummians humans ? who have been transformed and his dog was contamineted so he was obliged to kill her. Frustrated at not finding a cure and thought to be the last surviving person, he fails to get killed many times by mutants. It He is fortunately saved by a survivor who ingnore mutants lived at night (I can't understand this part of the sentence) because they burn in the sun, it makes them discover the hideout of Neville. He prepares to deliver a death struggle fight to the death with all the mutants. For As an ultimate sacrifice,
it he allows another survivor to escape and give it to another group rescued a remedy against the virus (I can't understand this part of the sentence) .

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