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My town is Vieil Baugé because I have lived there from sinceDecember two thousand and eleven 2011. My house is a said place on the square “La Judicelière” and she it was built in eighteen and fifty 1850. It has a good situated location because it is between Saumur (thirty-eight Km) and Angers (thirty-four Km) and it is so important because if we have a problem we can going to a big city with an hospital, we have the choice. The ground of my house is enormous because we have two hectares. Us tThe closest neighbors are to five hundred meters of we from us.
In this house there have been four generations of one family and another family after and now it is our turn. The precedent proprietaries was preceding owners built a continuation of the house because they don't didn't have place space for their family and now we are happy because is the rooms are even thing for us because since all this these bedrooms is are occupyied by my sister, my brother, my mother or me too. Since February two thousand and twelve 2012 we are very have been working very much for to improve the appearance of the house because before our working, nothing were was organized. tThe grass came in the terrace it is did not look nice, so we haved even to install a vine arbour with wisteria on it.
On the right and opposite of the house have there are many cultures of cereal grain a one year or corn other one the next. On the left of the house there is a forest of fir trees of a old woman. Behind it it's is my forest witch where with my brother I climb on trees. There is too also a field for a mare witch that is present eight month on twelve of the year. In my garden is very are many fruit trees: cherries, apples, plums, pears, raspberries and blueberries. My house have has a mystery because when the second generation of the first family, who was built this house, is left they did not say where is the enter entrance of a cellar is! Yes, below my house there is a cellar but nobody know witch have into what is in it and how to reach it.

This is my house before us we arrived to it, the grass is everywhere and we think it is in deisorder so we worked hard for to improve that.8500302658_59a7d7237a_m.jpgThis is my garden who where carrots, mellon, and stawberries grow and in the background the field of the mare.8500297272_42ff10be08_m.jpgIt's my house now without grass behind it and it's so apply and ?? more welcoming.8499189131_3841a3e1ac_m.jpgIt's the first photo who have taken of the house in the winter. This winter we have had 20cm of snow.

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