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Posted by Bessie
Salut, Comment Ca va? C'est dur trouver des photo pour notre blog. Mon ami phil prend des photos. J'e vais demander mon ami <Phil> à Envoyez-moi quelques photos de l'asie.

Hello, how are you? It is hard to find pictures for our blog. My friend Phil takes pictures. I will ask him to send me some photos of Asia that he took when he was there.

Posted by Quentin Gilles on 26/03/2011
This subject relating to overpopulation has enabled to me to deepen my knowledge about what I had already learned in History-Geography. This subject seems to cover a broad range of issues that are linked to population growth such as the problem of pollution generated by population growth, population growth and poverty, and the management of food resources required to feed growing populations etc. That is my opinion.

Posted by Bastien on 30/03/11
I found everything about this subject that we chose very interesting. I also want to say that this exchange between our two high schools has allowed me to improve my English. In spite of some difficulties with the site, I liked the fact that I could communicate with somebody who spoke English. As for the subject that I had to work on, I found it difficult to write a small text regularly because we had very little time in class and not much time outside class as we had a lot of work to do for other classes.

See you Bastien Couet

Posted by Bessie
Salut, J'ai organisé notre projet un peu. J'ai essayé d'ajouter à notre projet.J'espère que vous aimez les changements.

Heeeey, I organized the project a little bit :). I also have been trying to add more information to it. I hope you like the changes that I made.