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Source : site sur la resautarion : palmedelarestauration.fr

Deauville is presented as a "earth paradise".


This city is located in the center of Normandy, near the sea and just two hours from Paris. This seaside resort is the first city in France to benefit from the new classification of **resort*.


It welcomes people from all over the world for its American Film Festival. The next festival takes place from Friday, August 31 to Sunday, September 9.

This town is so charming that it has attracted many celebrities such as : Flaubert, Apollinaire ..( writer), Van Dogen , Duffy .. (painter), and Coco Chanel who opened its first store !

- The origins of Deauville
- The American film festival
- The activities
- Sailing


The first reference to Deauville was in 1060. At this time the village was called A Enilla and looked more like a fishing hamlet than a village.
But the village was small, but the French middle class and the aristocracy enriched it.
Napoleon III built empires in this village, thus Deauville started to become a reference in France.

This festival was born from the collaboration of André Halimi and Lionel Chouchan. This festival was a dream between them because they both loved films.
This festival put in competition lots of films, and these films are mostly shown in three places: the CID, the casino and Morny.


source : lepoint.fr

There are lots of activities in Deauville such as : a casino, the festival, clubs and playgrounds for children, water sports, golf, horse riding, tennis, bowling, pétanque (like bocce), etc

The casino : In this casino , there are 50 slots multi-games last generation, a enormous jackpot, a poker room, a casino coach (if you come for the first time), a bar and a bar of the sea, four restaurants, a nightclub ( open 7/7j in August 23pm to 5 am), shows and entertainment (TV show, cinema, animations..).
In this casino you have also a thalasso / spa, golfs , hotels etc
this casino is very good !!

Clubs and playgrounds for children : Club Mer et Sports (3-14 years),Leisure centre (3-13 years)
,Club Deauville Loisirs (12-17 years) and loisirland.

The watersports : swimming pool, waterpolo ..

And for the tenneger teenagers and the children there are more playgrounds, skate parks, pony clubs, water sports center and tennis !

There are activities for every seasons, the possibilities are numerous, and it's magic to delight everyone.

There is also a horse racing, a jumping competition, antique market, modern dance, Horse-drawn carriages, classic music, jazz concert …
And a family activities such as bowling, mini golf ..


Deauville is also famous for the sailing . Because it's in front the sea , and there is often wind, it's better for the sailing ! There is same a private port, where Deauville organises a number of high-level maritime events.

This city is really perfect for summer or winter holidays, there are really many things to ay do, and it has attracted thousands of people, why not you?



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