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The name of my place is Brain sur l'authion.
Brain sur l'Authion is a small typical French village. It is in the Maine et Loire departement in the region of Pays de la Loire in western France. There are approximately 3600 inhabitants .
The community covers 22.9 km ² , with a density of 159.7 inhabitants per km² Around Brain sur l'Authion there are : Andard, La Bohalle La Daguenière, Trélazé, Corné … It is not far to Angers ( approximately 10 km).


Activities in Brain sur l'Authion :

In Brain sur l'Authion, there is a campground where everyone can come to camp all year round, and it is called : Port Carolina.
In Port Carolina there are lots of attractions : a swimming pool, Skate-park, ping-pong ..
The campground is very spacious and homely ; the environment is wonderful, and the atmsphere is so good.
Port Carolina is representative of Brain sur l'Authion .


And there is a commercial center : the Eglantine.
In Eglantine, thera is : a pharmacy, a hairdresser's, a dentist, a supermarket.. It is very pratical for a small place like Brain sur l'Authion.


In the background we can see the church .

There is a club called : ESAB . In the ESAB there are lots of sports played like basketball, football, gymnastics etc This club is very cool and pleasent !

There is a skatepark for young people, in the skatepark they can play basket, football , bikeriding, skating … brain11.jpg


Brain was already etablished before the Galo-Roman society. Some discoveries like fragments of bricks from the Roman era can prove that ! Brain was formed in 9 villages :
- Aigrefoin
- Avalou
- La Commune
- La Croix Combeau
- La Coutardière
- La Fontaine
- La Porée
- Le Veaudoré
- Pré d'Asniere.


In 1788, this small place was part of Angers but now Brain sur l'Authion is an independant village because the tax and the constraints became so big . A new municipality was created in 1790.
In 1815, a construction aguest the flood was applicate (I can't understand this sentence). But in 1856 the tax was abolished !
In 1908 the telephone arrived, and in 1924 the electricity was etablished.
During the war in 1944, Brain sur l'Authion was bombed.
Now Brain sur l'Authion is a peaceful and pleasant village.

Brain sur l'Authion is in the story :


TODAY, THERE ARE LOTS OF PLACES TO VISIT AND ADMIRE. And lots of places to fish, because in Brain there is the river "Authion" and lots of places to walk:



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