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My ideal job is : Allergist.


A allergist studies, prevents and treats overreaction due to an intolerance to a product or a molecule.

The definition : An allergist is a medical doctor with specialty training in the diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases, asthma and diseases of the immune system

I like this job because it's close to people, and at same time it's medical.
I have only known this job so well for a very short time, when I began to have allergies therefor around one year ago !

What happens during the first consultation ?

In the first consulation, the allergist asks question about : how and when did your allergies begin ? etc
When he has approximately an idea of what you have like allergies he does dermatological tests .
►The test is to do a small shot on the skin with the aid of a syringe


source : savoir.fr

After when the allergist have detecting the different allergies, he give a treatment there are several treatment as :
- lingual treatment
- regular injections contractors


- nasal treatment


Also, what is good is that with my tank technology I can do this profession that I am really interrested interested in.

Usually a primary care physician refers a patient to see an allergist, although some patients will be sent to an allergist from another specialist, such as a dermatologist, an otolaryngologist (ear-nose-throat), a pulmonologist or a rheumatologist.

I know nobodies don't know anybody who do this job ! But I have got an allergist, because I have an injection therapy every two weeks.
And I discovered that trades little by little, I am passionate.


source : aterzia.net


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