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Posted by Thomas L. on 26/03/2011

My opinion on the extraction of oil and its consequences:
I chose this subject because for me it is important to talk about the impact of human actions on the environment. I think that oil extraction on the whole is both good and bad because we need it in our everyday lives. For example, we need it to get to and from work. However, oil also causes much damage on the environment and this is bad for future generations. I'd prefer to stop oil extraction and to find other forms of energy.

Posted by Pierre S. on 26/03/2011

My opinion:

I chose this subject because I suspect that the whole world is dependent on oil, and I want to educate people and show them that other forms of energy can be developed and used.

Posted by Thomas L.

National Holidays:

14 July:

The French national holiday is the National Day of France, which takes place every 14 July. This holiday has been celebrated since 1880. It commemorates the Feast of the Federation in 1790. It also marks the end of absolute monarchy and the first anniversary of the Storming of Bastille. On 21 May 1880, the minister Benjamin Raspail tabled the bill making 14 July the annual national holiday in commemoration of 14 July 1790. 14 July 1789 (Bastille Day) was considered a bloody day as it was a day when revolution took place. Although 14 July commemorates the first anniversary of the Storming of Bastille, officially, the day that is commemorated every 14 July, is the Feast of the Federation that occurred on 14 July, 1790.

The military parade on 14 July:

A French military parade has been held annually since 1880 in Paris during the French national holiday. This military parade is the oldest and largest in the world after the annual parade of the Russian Army in the Red Square. During this parade nowadays, foreign armed troops are allowed to march alongside the French. Traditionally, the military procession is composed of units on foot, on horses, in motorized or air vehicles. They parade down Champs-Elysees through to Place de l'Etoile then to Place Charles de Gaulle (in 1970) and then finally to Place de la Concorde where the military salutes the President of the Republic, the French government and foreign politicians.


The 14 July is a national public holiday so the French do not work on this date. We organize family meals that begin around 1pm and continue right through to 4pm. During these meals, we start with appetizers and some aperitifs (usually alcohol – sometimes Brandy). This is followed by the main meal, which is usually a dish of meat or fish. We then have a slice of cheese and we finish the meal with a dessert.

By Thomas

Angers Castle:

The Angers Castle was built between the 13th century and the 16th century during the medieval period. It was the residence of the king, and place of strategic defense against other lords of the time. The castle houses the Tapestry of the Apocalypse and is one of the most visited tourist attractions of the Maine-et-Loire region. Its tourism development is managed by the Centre of National Monuments. On 10 January, 2009 a part of the castle of Angers was burnt and, to this day, it is still under reconstruction. It is the only medieval castle in the Loire Valley that is still standing.

By Thomas