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Posted by Florian on 26/03/2011


I chose this subject because nuclear energy is the energy that produces the most electricity in France and because there are a lot of debates on this subject. Also, it is interesting because it is very dangerous. Right now, this type of energy is being questioned because there have been some problems with some nuclear reactors in Japan that have been releasing toxic fumes into the air. This energy can cause a lot of problems for people’s health and for the environment. The reactors in Japan weren't designed to withstand tsunamis. Although all buildings and facilities in Japan are designed to be able to withstand earthquakes to a large extent, the relatively poor conditions of the ageing reactors contributed to the consequences that resulted from the impact of the shock and the tsunami. Such consequences can be terrible for humanity.

A lot of people demonstrate in the streets to try pressure their governments to find other less dangerous forms of energy that do not pollute, are not used by the army for war and will not have a harmful impact on our planet.

If an earthquake of this proportion occurred in France, there would be terrible consequences for the people of this country as it would wipe our country off the map.

Posted by Manuel 14/04/2011

Florian, désolé je n'avais pas fait beaucoup de travail sur cette page parce que j'ai mis l'accent sur travaillant sur quelque autre site Web pour le site Okanogan. J'ai ajouté quelques informations sur le site de Hanford est dans notre état de Washington, hope you like it!!! :

Posted by Adrien 20/04/11

Hello Manuel, I'm posting this text to talk about a major nuclear accident:

There are many advantages of creating electricity with nuclear energy, but this form of energy is dangerous. On 26 April 1986, 100,000 people were killed and 200,000 were injured as a result of a nuclear accident in Chernobyl, Ukraine. A reactor exploded and destroyed the building encasing the plant and radioactive gas was released into the atmosphere, covering the town of Chernobyl.

After the accident in Chernobyl, a second accident happened in Fukushima, Japan on 11 March 2011 when an earthquake provoked a tsunami, which destroyed the wall of a nuclear plant. This opened a passageway that allowed nuclear gas to escape into the atmosphere and spread across parts of Japan. The nuclear gas didn’t only affect Japan: it went east to America, and even as far as Europe. In Japan more than 7,000 people died in the tsunami and 20,000 are still missing.


posted by Adrien 19/05/11

-What is the population of Angers?
In Angers there are 155,701 people and 40% of us are under 30 years of age.

-Is there a mayor?
The mayor of Angers is Jean Claude Antonini.

-How many students are in our high school Jean Moulin?
There are 700 students in Jean Moulin high school.

posted by Manny 24/05/11

Bonjour, votre ville dirait que c'est vraiment grand. nôtre est seulement une petite ville, nous avons seulement environ 2 000 personnes qui y vivent et notre école est vraiment faible avec seulement environ 250 étudiants qui fréquentent. Je travaille à faire une page sur moi-même sur notre site Web si vous souhaitez vérifier.