Music and Movies

Many American movies come to France. American students, however, do not see very many French movies because they are not shown in movie theaters. Similarly, American music is often on French radio, but French music is not on American radio. This is very sad since many French movies and songs are very good!!

Help the students of Okanogan High School learn about French cinema and music by choosing one singer/band or movie to discuss.

If you chose a movie:
List the actors in the film (two or three)
Describe the film.
Tell your opinion and explain why you like/dislike it.
Include at least one picture.

If you chose a singer/band:
Describe their musical style. (Rock? Pop?)
List a couple of their hits (famous songs).
Tell your opinion and explain why you like/dislike the music.
Include at least one picture.

Friendly Reminder:
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1ère STL1

Ophelie B.

Adrien B

Malvina B

Mélanie B

Hugo B

Alexandre C

Adeline C

Emilie C

Amelie C

Melanie D

Adrien D

Amélie G

Valentin H

Margot La

Cannelle L

Marine L

Margot Lec

Coralie L

David L

Alexis M

Valentin P

Camille T

Morgane V

Elodie Xav

1ère STI2D2

Moussa B

Tiffany B

Maxime B

Gregoire Bo

Julien C

Morgan C

Maxime G

Victor G

Maximilien H

Maxime J.V.

Axel L

Théo M

Anton M

Romain M

Adrien P

Laurie R

Eloise T

Florian V