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Mazé is a city with 5,500 Iinhabitants. It's Ssituatinged between Angers and Saumur (25km of Angers),. Mazé is a most attractive little city most attractive. tThere is a church, a skate park, two big primariesy schools, a supermarket, three bakeries, three bars, two banks, a post office, an optician, a butcher's shop, four hairdessers, a city hall, and a big librairy, "la Bulle".
Mazé situated next to Couasnon and Authion.
Mazé is coupled with Travagliato in Italia.

History of mazé:

Mazé was already inhabited in Roman times, which is known because of the Roman bricks that were found.
In 1856, there was a great flood of the Loire that inundatesd Maze.
"The water came to our village," saysid Emmanuel Godard, it was about midnight. A neighbor knocked on our shutters and cried my great-grandfather, "the ave you then! The Loire, it is at the end of your garden! "Undaunted, my great-grandfather replied," well then that what dowe want to do? "And he went quietly to bed. COPIE ??

The church:


The church was built in 1040.

The castel of Montgeoffroy:


This castle was built by Nicolas Barré in the XVIII century to for Geoffroy de Chateaubriand.
On 14 July 14th, the fireworks are shot from the castle.

The city hall:


In 1836, the council decided to buy the cityhall and in 1864 there are were renovations.

"La Bulle":


La Bulle is a library. It's the "pole departemental de la bande dessinés". regional center of comic strips
Often, there are authors who go in to La Bulle to for the dedication her of their comics and books.
La Bulle created in 2012


A tradition in Mazé is "La boule de fort". It's a game with a ball, as petanque but it's in inside. In Mazé, during the last century, there was were thirty-two rooms of boule de fort. Today, there are six rooms.
Another tradition is the music. In Mazé there is an orchestra that was created in 1875.

Emile Joulain:

Emile Joulain is a poet born in mazé on in jJanuaray 1900.
In 1987 we gived game him "la palme des arts et des lettres".
Emile Joulain is a person very important person in Mazé and an rooms of exposition hall bears his name.

Comics and movies in Mazé

In mazé, there is are two comics and one movie.


The name of the movie is "Les petits ruisseaux".
The director is Pascal Rabaté.
They actors are: Daniel Prévost, Philippe Nahon, and Bulle Ogier.
It's a comedy-drama film.
iIt was released in 2009 and the boxoffice is to recorded 316,000 spetcators.
I quote: "Emile, a septuagenarian widower, has a pension for smoothly made ​​rituals and peaceful recreation. The time does not really exist, life flows like the Loire where he regularly fishes with another retired ** man,** Edmond.
But one day, Edmond, after having revealed that he had a hidden love and sex life, dies.
Emile, not to fall, trying to shake taste of things to find. ??
tTheir desires are of forgotten adolescent times, wishes for Hhugs, desires to love, but also desires to end …" to Allociné.
It haved one nomination.


The primary comic is "les petits ruisseaux" by Pascal Rabaté.
The second comic is "les petites histoires de Mazé" Bby many drawers in Mazé.

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