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Welcome to my espace, Crossed a pleasant visit..

Hello, my name is Bacari M, I was born on May 17th, in Mamoudzou. At present I am at school in Jean Moulin high school in Angers in 1ère sti2d AC (Architecture and Construction) and have been studying there since the start of the school year 2011. I lost my father at the age of 13, I have lived since with my mother, who plays both the role of father and mother. I come from a large family: two sisters and four brothers. At present I am living with my brother here in Angers. So my presentation is going to consist in making you discover my native island or what is often known as " the Island in perfumes ".

Welcome to Mayotte !


Karibu is the word we use for welcome !


Mayotte: the Island has the shape of Hypocampe.


The flower of Ylang Ylang is very perfumed. When distilled, it produces an essential oil used in the preparation of the certain luxury perfumes, and other cosmetics. It is also used in Aromatherapy. Trees bloom all year long, but with more density during the rainy season from November till March and their petals are collected every day by hand.

Mamoudzou is the capital of Mayotte. Mayotte is a French department situated 12 thousand Kms from France, geographically situated between Africa and Madagascar.


Mayotte is an island of the Comoro Archipelago , situated in the middle of the canal of Mozambique . It was marked by the Indian history of the maritime world of the Ocean, for a long time dependent on the traditional Arab-Indian seasonal navigation and on the raid of her African margins and Malagasy before passing little by little under European hegemony. The tolerant and structured Islam which it protected indicates an old shirazien inheritance, brought by colonists from the region of Hormuz and Hadramaout.

The lagoon.


The lagoon of Mayotte, " one of the biggest and most beautiful lagoons in the world " as used in the sentence of " the island in the lagoon** " . It is the main wealth of Mayotte.


Mayotte is known as well by the mask of carried clay worn by the women, this according to our ancestors helps to preserve a good face, and to assure the beauty of the women Mahoraise.


In particular in Mayotte on beaches, we can ride the tortus, with beautiful beaches to sunbathe.


There are also coconut palms to whom one ' to use the sheets of coconut palms for made a bag as this sir whom you see on the picture.


There is also tourism **which is one of the most economic resources for the Island. Mayotte has witnessed an increase in tourist figures : 53 000 tourists in the year 2010.

There are 17 districts in Mayotte, my municipality is Mamoudzou, which is the biggest, and my village is called Passamaïnty. It is a wonderful village which I have never left since my birth, I thus have spent over 21 years there.


In Passamainty, we can find lots of different activities, in particular Football, Basketball, and handball. The football team of my village is called A.S.Rosador and I often played for them. It is the best team on the Island, and it is known in "La Reunion" **and also here in France.


AS Rosador Juniors


AS Rosador Seniors

We can also find in my village two beaches, where you can find many young people of my age playing football or volleyball . And it's lovely to bathe there. There are lots of people who can been seen in cayaks.


We can also play with makis, given to be eaten, to caress…


The village of Passamainty is a part of the best-known village in Mayotte thanks to its status of the biggest French Red Cross of the period in Mayotte . The population Mahoraise is ** 90 % Moslem, and** we find two mosques in Passamainty .


To be continued !


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