Moussa B's ideal job

Hello, my name’s B Moussa, at present there I am in 1re sti2d AC (Architecture and Construction). I am going to present the work of my dream, the ideal work which I would like to make do pleased later after the my studies. Fascinated by the art, the measures, the mathematics and natural sciences and chemistry, I wish to become an architect, it is my dream of childhood, in any young already I made young even when I was young, I made houses in sand, cardboard, either even wooden.


I also have of the ambition in plastic art, I know how to draw, mix colors, create open to my way. Make people live what I have in me as artist. As you go to see a work of Pablo Picasso, "Guernica" to whom which __ I him produced but in my way__, I have little to associate colors, rerelease the characters, the objects, face to hide from this supernatural works of Pablo Picasso that I have to reappoint rename it Gernicarla".


Now I dream after my studies, to become an Architect, I want intended, to design magnificent monument, houses and to create buildings of in which I should add some pleasure in what where I will live there, to answer needs.


Create a villa as districts confluence in Lyon (France)

District Confluence Lyon (France)


Of a 150 hectare surface, the district of The Confluence aims at doubling the city center of Lyon in the confluence of the Rhône and the Saône. It is about one of the most symbolic eco-districts in France, with which an agreement with the WWF was signed a few months ago to apply the reference table "One Planet Living". There were besides a prize-winner, in 2009, of the first call for projects Ecodistrict of the Ministry in the category " urban forms and density ". At the moment, the City of the Architecture dedicatesd him an exhibition. The opportunit to have a beautiful outline of the project without.


A model of contemporary town planning, where the arrangement was thought in its entirety: soft housing environment, businesses and services, spaces of leisure activities, ways of transportation and where the environment is protected. Have a walk along buildings in the audacious architecture, as the orange Cube, the Darse, discover places where the creativity and the enterprising mind are for the party.


Immeuble bleu Confluence.

I even more fell in love with the Architecture during my educational journey in France, with my class of plastic art in Mayotte in Mars 2009, when I discovered the architecture of the park of the Futuroscope in Poitiers in France. His That building is my make dream, it is formidable, amazing.




What is magnificent here, is that we see the reflection of the building of opposite this one, it is necessary étre to be there to feel what I felt,


So I would like to participate in big projects such as the project of émirates has Dubai, to use the sea to build houses. I like amusing almost everywhere somewhere else.


And to finish, my biggest dream is to be among the future architects who will be hired for the construction my native ile island Mayotte. Mayotte is the French 101me department since Mars 2011, Mayotte is thus in voice there will be a lot of of reconstruction as a French territory.


Thank you for your visit, bye for now!