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Sonia and David are two students who are going to England for the week . They have just arrived in London:

David - Sonia we need to find a hotel for a week and we should start looking now since we do not know London at all.

Sonia - Ok I'll ask a passerby if he knows of any hotel where we could stay for the week & which is** not too expensive ?

London - Yes if you want a very comfortable hotel and one which is not too expensive you can try the "Prince William Hotel", it is said that their service is perfect.

David - Can you tell us how to get to this hotel please?

London - yes, you go straight ahead & take the second street on the left, turn left again and then you walk along the boulevard and the hotel will be right in front of you.

Sonia - Ok thank you. We're on the right street but this trip, David, is exhausting.

David - What did she say after we turn left? Second right, right?

Sonia - I do not remember? Try !

David and Sonia march across London in search of their hotel but can not find it

David - I'm sick of walking. It's going to be soon 1:30 !

Sonia - yes, good call a taxi! Please taxi! "Take us to Prince William Hotel please

David arrived in their room & does something

David - Sonia, we visited London without realizing it ! We passed through three different exhibitions rooms of two museums and saw many monuments. Now we're beginning to know London.

Sonia - well, tomorrow we will try to find a hotel in Canterbury and we will visit the museum "Tussaud" or "The Canterbury Tales" ha ha ha!

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