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I live in Montreuil-Juigné.

Montreuil-Juigné is a township french French township, located in the department of Maine-et-Loire and of in the region Pays de la Loire. It is a small town. The residents are called Montreuillais. My city get tree flowers the charts 2007 the competition of cities and flowers villages. The mayor is Bernard Witasse. There are 7,107 residents of Montreuil-Juigné. The density is 515 residents/miles2 and the surface is 13,81 miles2. My city is situed in la Mayenne (river), on the limits of Massif Amoricain and Bassin Parisien. The climate is temperate, undergoing both an effect ?? and a continental oceanic influence. Temperatures remain moderate throughout the year.

In Montreuil-Juigné has there are different neighborhoods:
- Centre-ville/République, where there are various shops and banks, two schools (Notre Dame and Henry David), College Jean Zay, the Cultural Centre -Jacques Prévert (library, school of music and art exhibitions), the social center social, the church of Saint-Etienne, the town hall and the foyer housing for the elderly.
-Europe - Italy and Plateau-Fleuri, suburban districts around the aAvenue de l'Europe dating back 70 years and there is 80.On school Marcel Pagnol. ??
-The Mastelle, residential area built in the late 90s - early 2000s.
-Bel-air/Espéranto city, consisting mainly of public housing units from the 50s.
-Upper Coudray, residential area of the 70s. The school Jean Madeleine is situated in this district.
-Le Tertre, residential area built in the 80s.
-Juigné, former village where the large majority of farms in the town are.
-Beneficial, on the left bank of the Mayenne.
-Val de Montreuil, écoquartier expanding green neighborhood.


It is a the town hall

The town has got four schools and a college:

.public infant and elementary school and elementary Henri David, located in the city center;
.Jean Madeleine public infant school and elementary school for students in the northern part of the town;
.Marcel Pagnol public infant school and elementary school, Italy located in the district for students in the South of town;
.Notre Dame private infant school and elementary school;
.Jean Zay public school where about 695 students are enrolled.

Montreuil-Juigné was born founded on 1973 with the fusion of Montreuil-Belfroy and Juigné-Béné, two township traditionally agricultural and wine -making townships.
Its history has been marked by the installation of a wire drawing, TLH, Wire drawing mill and Le Havre, the dam of Montreuil-Belfroy (100 years ago), then the plant Pechiney. sSignificant development in 1950s and 1960s led to rapid urbanization of the municipality. The proximity of the city of Angers then came to reinforce this phenomenon.

Sites and monuments

The Town Hall, built in the former "Grand'Maison."
The castle Guyonnière, bought by the town in 1982, became a recreation center.
The house of the sixteenth.
The Swamp (bird protection area).
Park François Mitterrand.
Gothic Revival mansions on the course of Mayenne: the Déablère the Rongère the Thibaudière.
Castle Thibaudière


This is the College Jean Zay where I spent my college years.


This is a church. (Donner le nom de cette église)

This is La Maison du Parc where held numerous meetings are held.

This is the stadium snowy.

This is my house.

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