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Million Dollar Baby

Million Dollar Baby is an American film directed by Clint Eastwood. This drama was done movie was shot in 2004. It was released on 15th December 2004 in the United States and on 23rd March 2005 in France.

The movie won four Oscars for the best film, the best director (for Clint Eastwood), the best lead actress (for Hilary Swank) and the best supporting actor (for Morgan Freeman). Caesar won the Best Foreign Film in 2006. Golden Globe went to Clint Eastwood for Best Director (2005) and Hilary Swank receiveda ** Golden Globe for Best Actres. This film was a great success in all over the world.

Summary of the movie:

In the past renowned boxing coach, Frankie Dunn (Clint Eastwood) directs a small boxing gym with your his best friend Scrap (Morgan Freeman). Trainer Frankie Dunn has long been rejected by his daughter, is folded over itself, avoiding and avoids any relationships. It’s Maggie Fitzgerald (Hilary Swank) a young woman of thirty-one years old who will change the routine. It’s boxer clumsy She is a clumsy but determined boxer. When pushing the door of the gym Frankie looking for a coach, she brings not only his her youth and strength, but also a history marked by events (the death of his her father, the poverty of his her family, the obesity his of her mother …) and absolute certainty. Frankie is reluctant to become coach Maggie's coach because she is a girl and he never leads to trains girls. But he finish for accepted finished by accepting. As the drives the movie goes on, a relationship of complicity is established between them. He manages to make her a champion but keeps it reluctant to do the heavy fighting (I can't understand this part of the sentence). During a match against Billie in Las Vegas, she is the victim of an illegal move of his her opponent &, after the end of a the round and she falls accident accidentally on to the corner stool. His Her coach tries to withdraw it before it she falls but it's too late*. Maggie Injures her spinal cord it and becomes quadriplegic: it she is doomed to end his days spend her life in a hospital bed.

It She therefore asks Frankie to end his days help her put an end to her life. After a long hesitation, he agrees, saying she managed her had succeeded in life and has nothing to regret. He thus endangers the choice to meet Maggie (I can't understand this last sentence).

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—It This photo is of— the coach and the boxer.


Clint Eastwood: Frank Dunn, it is a renowned boxing coach of Maggie and leader of small boxing gym.
Hilary Swank: Maggie Fitzgerald, it's a boxer.
Morgan Freeman: Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris, it is renowned former boxer and best friend Frank Dunn.
Lucia Rijker : Billie « L'Ourse bleue », it is opponent of Maggie which gives a foul.

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