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The differences between the rythm of the movies the French and American versions

We will present the differences between the rythm of the movies the French and American versions . We will compare the two movies: " Pour elle " (the French movie) and "The next three days" (the American movie version ). It is a f the French movie who which inspired the American movie. First and foremost, the musics are some is a little differents. In "Pour elle", the musics are weorry I can't correct this part of the sentence because I don't know what you mean , hectic as like in the American version. But in "The next three days" there play less in the is less music. " Pour elle" is the original movie. In the American movie, there is more suspence suspense than in the French movie because in " Pour elle" the scene who watch the woman who are innocent is in begin of the film we know the woman is innocent right from the start of the movie whereas in "The next three days" we know learn that the woman is innocent in at the end. Therefore , there is more suspence suspense as it is held off until intil the end. The available of the number of scenes increase a suspence the suspense . After Then, we watch that see less action in " Pour elle" that than in the american film. The French movie is more realist realistic than in the american film because there are fewer obstacles. He difference in ultimate It is different in the final scene. "The next three days" is less realistic because when the carfall never died . Then, we see that he differentiate with the music, the available of scene and the different moments. I can't correct this sentence because I don't understand what you mean

My opinion is that I found the American movie a little irrealiste Irrealistic especially the last one. I prefer the French movie because it is more realistic. But I like identified on the characters.