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I have no idea ! The music I listen is Engish and the lots of movies are American too. I'm not a fan of french music. I listen french music like "Indochine" or "Archimède", but my favory group is "Linkin Park" !

I can speak about Archimède ! 51Mx1%2BNvr2L._SL500_AA300_.jpg

So this is a french group Rock !

There are 4, two guitarist, one singers and one drummer. They have made 2 albums.
The group came in the " Chabada" a concert venue(it's in my city !), and my school has proposed to going to hear this group ! So I have seen and heard this group in real life !!

the group deserves congratulation for the best rock album rock with this year's "Tarafalgar" in the victory of the music 2012!
the group was created by Nicolas et Frédéric Boisnard.