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I will discuss the job "laboratory technician".

This profession is available after the STL (what I am working toward at the present time), we must study and have a "Bac 3" (+ three years of study) to gain access to this job. According to the studies we chose, we pass a competition to evaluate our skills and powers to begin the profession. This competition is made up of two stages :
A written test which lasts two hours and is composed of two parts, a party who which will speak "of life sciences and Earth" and a party on the option chosen by the candidate.
Then, there is of course a technical or practical part, which lasts for four hours. The candidate will have the choice between several options for the test :
-Microbiology and
-biology and physiology.

history of job laboratory technician :

1930 -1945: the first schools of laboratory opened in Paris and provide to nurses (es) or chemists specific training in laboratory techniques.Until 1952, nurses (es) perform the first analyzes in service under the supervision of a physician.

in 1967, the degree of state medical analysis lab is created. The training is 2 years after the Baccalaureate.
In the 70s, the National Education created in addition to the degree of medical testing lab (delam) BTS biochemistry or biological analysis and a DUT biological analysis and biochemistry.
Programs are defined by the Ministry of Education, which alternates between the theoretical (math, physics, biology, biochemistry, bacteriology, quality) the practical sessions (immunohematology, microbiology, biochemistry, anatomocytopathologie) and periods of internships in hospital laboratories.

1993: The lab is a lab technician in biomedical analysis. The delam becomes detab (State Diploma in Biomedical Laboratory Technician).

1995: Diploma of Health framework available to all professions whose laboratory technicians

1996: training now 3 years after the Baccalaureate for detab and to date there are 10 degrees to practice the profession of laboratory technician with supervision for four different ministries (Health, of Education, of Agriculture and Labor)

2007: The biological analysis of the BTS program is updated and now includes between 12 and 14 weeks of professional internships.

caa665ac-9c37-11de-902e-76969467021d.jpgthis image shows a microscope and a slide. The person will observe a smear, done with special instruments.
FLU-AUSTRIA-432.jpg this picture shows an automatic pipet which takes a very small amount of chemicals or elements for analysis or to do an experience.

Description this job :

the laboratory technician works in research and development, he analyzes biological monitoring tests in different fields. Most often he attends works with an engineer.
The technician performs biomedical analysis, from a medical prescription, blood tests, urine or tissue. The nature of the analysis can vary from one laboratory to another or be specialized in a particular field of hematology, biochemistry, bacteriology, etc.. These analyzes are more or less long or delicate and are performed manually or, especially in biochemistry and hematology, using electronic devices. The results are then validated by the physician or pharmacist biologist, laboratory supervisor. Biomedical Laboratory technicians work primarily in private medical or pharmaceutical laboratories. They can also work in hospitals, clinics, research centers, or Prefecture of Police.
Laboratory technicians may have to take some responsibility and to lead a team working under the authority of the chef of the laboratory. Biomedical Laboratory technicians can accessed the functions of supervisor of the laboratory services and teaching in schools.

I chose this job because I like manipulate and study of living organisms such as bacteria, yeasts and others! I like learning new things, new environments, of new bacteria!

stock-photo-9496623-row-of-petri-dishes.jpg this picture represents petri dishs. The yellow petri dish is called "GTS" for "gelose triptycase-soja" ! the blue one did not even study, and the red is "chapmam".


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