Morgane V. + Marine L.

Corrected text

_ Sorry… sorry, can you help me ? I'm completely lost.

_What ? Oh yes, of course. You are a tourist, right ?

_ Hum… Yes, that's right. I'm from France and I'm on a school trip with my class but I can't find the others from my group. I'm completely lost and in a terrible state in this city which is enormous !!!

_ Oh, do you think so ? Really ? It's not bigger than Paris, s it ?

_ Hum… I… I don't know. I have never visited Paris.

_Wow ! A French person who has never visited Paris ?!! I've never heard of such a thing!!


_ Well, where do you want to go ??

_ Hmm… To Fleet Street. I think… because I have to do some research on Jack the Ripper.

_ Why have you chosen such a subject ?

_ I don't know !! I love this character.

_ Okay, why not… Do you want a coffee ? You look tired.

_ It's true. Ok, I'll accept your invitation. What's your name ?

_ Oh, sorry I'm inpolite, my name is (someone)

_ Nice to meet you, My name is (someone).

in the Coffee shop

_ So, how is London ? Is it a pleasure to live here ?

_ Oh yes, but it's not like my home town

_ What's the name of your home town ?

_ It's Utopus like Utopia. It is named like that because it is a magnificent and breathtaking place. Oh, I remember when I was a child, I lived on my parent's farm. There were lots of animals like hens, rabbits, horses.

_ Oh ! Me I live in a city, it's name is Angers ! I prefer living in a city because there are lots of things to do. For example shopping, going for a walk in parks or by the river !

_ We each have our own ways of life !

_ Yes ! And so, What are your hobbies ?

_ Hum… I like music and I playing the Guitar. I also love watching TV and Walking in the street while listening to music on my MP3. I love shopping and going outdoors with friends and spending time with them. I'm a normal person… But I love sleeping a lot , so I'm not very active. What about you ?

_ I like the guitar too but I can't play it and I like spending lots of time on my computer playing video games but I also love going outdoors with my friends and going to the cinema or just going for a walk and talking together. I love to spend time with my familiy and talking with my mother who is very attractive. But I prefer sleeping a lot !! It's amazing to sleep !!

_ I think so too !!! You look nice. Nice to have met you.

_ Oh, me too. You are very kind. Have you got a phone number ?

_ Yes, of course. ( she writes it down ). Well, If you have a problem in the city, call me and I'll go to help you and We'll drink a coffee together again ?

_oh the time ! I almost forgot the time ! Can you drive me to Fleet Street, please ?

_ Wait until I'll** put some money in the park meter & I'll come with you**

on the street

_ So, we'll go over the bridge, that is the shortest way there. The time are yard for mee too (I can't understand this sentence. So I'll go to you where you are going !

_ Okay let's go !

(a few minutes after) on the Bridge

_ So you must take the street on the right and you go as far as the crossroads, then you take the thirsd street on your left and the furtherest street away on the left is Fleet Street !

_ thank you very much for your help, I was happy to meet you ! And thank you for the coffee !

_ Oh it's normal, good luck and goodbye !

_thanks ! Goodbye !