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My place is soulaire et bourg.


Soulaire et bourg is a French community located in the department of Maine et Loire and in the region of Pays de la Loire. It is located 14 km north of Angers. It extends over 18 km². It is composed of two villages, Soulaire to the south and Borg to the north. The men are called Soleirébourgiens and the women are called Soleirébourgiennes . It belongs to the community of Loire et Sarte and has five townships. They are:
-Cheffes sur Sarte
- Ecuillé
-Soulaire et Bourg.
From the first of January Soulaire et Bourg will be considered as one agglomeration.
There are 1346 people.There is a primary school with a canteen and the library. There are 174 students in the shcool. There is a sports complex, a milles clus (I can't understand this part)and a public function room and a public meeting hall
Near a Soulaire et Bourg there are many historical monuments.


Pléssis bourre castle


château du bois


Château de la rousselière

Soulaire et Bourg has two churches.


Saint-Martin-de-Vertou in bourg Church


st martin of Soulaire Church

Soulaire et bourg has 11 associations : for basketball, football, Vetrans, association anjou guinéeekissidougou, reunited friends, hunters, the fdgon - this is a group of defense against pests, Bass Valley Anjou which includes the municipalities of Cantenay spinach, and Ecuillé Feneu Soulaire and the town association that provides leisure activities for the rural families of the area : dances in the gym and Stepp, ping pong, and the telethon which is linked up with with Cheffes sur Sarte.They organize a telethon every first weekend of December & every 1st weekend of March.