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Pellouailles les vignes is a small village near Angers.

From Pelloeille to Pellouailles-les-Vignes, to Pelleoylle or Pille-Oueille, the spelling of the town has changed over time, while maintaining its Latin roots. The name was formed from the words "plunder, Pillar".


Pellouailles was, until 1801, the capital of Canton, and it had three other municipalities: Villevêque, Foudon the Plessis-Grammoire and Sarrigné.

In 1923, Pellouailles became Pellouailles-les-Vignes, thanks to Georges Clemenceau.
Almost half of the municipal area was planted with vines, which helped raise 1701 bushels in 1918.

We have a theater " le carré des arts" where there are many shows.


There is a castle between St sylvain and Pellouailles who is in the holdings. This is the castle to "Clos de la Motte":


In Pellouailles, there is a church, she had built in 1956. She is "Sainte Emerence"