Melanie D. + Elodie Xav

Corrected text

A person with a sad, happens: (I can't understand this sentence)

_ Then how will it doctor? (I can't understand this sentence)

??? _Mrs Smith, how are you?

??? _I want to hear from my son! How is he?

_Listen, for now your son is in a coma.

_When will he wake up?

_We don't know but I hope for him he will not wake up right away.

_It isn't my fault I didn't have a choice.

_Well, now tell me what he did.

_Why do you want to know?

_We must know what our patients have done. Imagine that we are giving the wrong treatment.

_I see what you mean but I don't want to talk.

_I understand. There are many people here that are in your shoes but I can assure you that talking is a very foolish (I can't understand this sentence)

The woman sits on a chair and put her head in her hands.

_… It was a Monday, I came home from work, there was nobody in the house, normally Clement was with a friend of his, but when I heard someone downstairs I thought that there wasn't gone (I can't understand this sentence)
That's why I didn't notice anything until I felt a presence behind me. I turned around and I met his eyes. I don't remember what happened, I fell on floor unconscious.

_Don't worry, he is in good hands.

_My son, my poor son.

_I told you not to worry, we've given him a drug that has stabilized him but he may not remember you.

_Do you believe that an asylum would be good for my son?

_Yes and don't worry if it becomes dangerous, we will take regulatory action.

Okay, but too short & also there are a few sentences I couldn't correct