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Vannes or Gwened in Breton is a French city in western France on the south coast of Brittany. The city is located in lower Brittany and is the prefecture of the department of the Morbihan. The city is located on the northen shores of the gulf of Morbihan and 15 km from the Atlantic Ocean.



Vannes has a marine climate. The winters are mild and rainy and the summers are cool and wet. The average sunshine is 1829 hours per year.
Vannes now has more than 144,353 inhabitants. It is the fifth city and fourth aglomeration. The inhabitants are called the Vannentais for the men and the Vannentaise for the women. Vannes is combined with many cities in Europe. With Mons in Belgium; Cuxhaven in Germany; Farehan in England. It is in parternship with a Baroueli in Mali und Walbrzych in Poland.
Vannes has many forms of transportation. There is a public transport, including a station and around the city and they are many bikes. It has an airport .


source: Wikipedia.


source :Wikipedia

Vannes has a port of pleasure. It is a more active than the littoral zone of south Brittany. It is in the middle of Vannes and the entrance of the medieval city.


Vannes has a many patrimonies. The fortified patrimony , the religious patrimony, the medieval patrimony, and the civil patrimony .
In the fortified patrimony is Vannes around the rampart. The religious patrimony has a many churches such as church St. Patren, a chapel St. Yves and the Cathedral St. Pierre of Vannes. The medieval patrimony has a many timbered houses.
Vannes has a many famous monuments. They are the cathedral St. Pierre of Vannes, the house of Vannes and his wife, a castle of Gailliard, the castle of Hermine. Vannes has a beautiful garden around the rampart.


source: wikipedia the garden of rampart.


source:Wikipedia the Castle of Gailliard.


source:wikipedia. the cathedral St. Pierre of Vannes



History of Vannes:
The city of Vannes is based at the Roman conquest of Gaul. The people of Vannes had been submitted by Caesar in 52 BC . In the Roman empire, it is called Dorioritum, but takes name of the people which it is a civita at the end of the empire. Breton colonists and soldiers were installed at the time to protect the region from Saxon pirates. It is also between the III century and the IV century that the city is strengthened and Christianized.
Vannes is a one of the ephemeral royal cities of the kingdom of Britain. destroyed during in the invasion of Normands in the X century, the city has a many sieges to the end of the war of succession before becoming the favorite residence of the duckes John IV and John V.
During the French Revolution, the city was divided between by the nation and by the Chouans. Vannes is a prefecture of Morbihan. It continued its developpement since the XIX century, despite the maritime industry crumbling at the same time. From the 1870s, the city built new public buildings. It now has activit y with the arrival of the railway and the installaion of the regiment.

Activity of Vannes

When we going to Vannes we can visit a museum. There are two museums, they are classified museums in French. We can see plays because there are a many theaters and a room of the show. There are a many cinemas. In Vannes we can do over of 200 sports and activites. For sports, there are sporting events. There are events for athletes, cycling events, riding and water.
There are a many cultural events and the festivities such as the festival of music, a week of the gulf of the Morbihan, the festivity for the history of Vannes and the festivity of Avor for the Breton culture.
Wednesdays and Saturdays we can go to the market of Vannes and to the hall of fish and the hall of Lices. You can visite the gul of the morbihan, starding from the port of plaisure of Vannes. The gulf of morbihan is very beautiful.

I hope you liked this presentation and you would like to visite Vannes.




source: wikipedia


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