Melanie B's ideal job

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My ideal job is a biologist medical.

Biologiste medical is livied, the execution of the analysis, validation of results, and if necessary their confrontation withe the clinical and laboratory data of patients. He participate in interpretating the results of the analysis of medical biology. The results contribut to the diagnosis and prescription care.

Laboratory investigation covered the entire body (blood, cells, organs, tissues, metabolism…) and are made either on the subject (in vivo) or on samples (in vitro). It makes these laboratory test from information by professionals or individuals. It assume management a laoratory. It can also teach in his specialty and participate in the formation of interns.

There are many specialties with in biology which biochemistry, hematology, immunology, microbiology and parasitology are the principal. In private laboratoire for medical analyse, biology is polyvalent. New specialties appeared as molecular genetics and biology of reproduction.



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