Mélanie B.


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My names is Mélanie.I am 16 years old. I live in Soulaire et Bourg. I have a brother and two sisters.

I study biotechnology and microbiotechnology. My favorite subject is microbiology. I like to go shoping with my friend. I like to go out .

In the future I would like to bo a labolatory technician. After secondary school I would like make a BTS. Later I would like to worke in INRA to do genetic agriculture research.

Later I would like to have a family.

My christmas holidays.

During the holidays I stayed at home. The first week, I went to town with my cousin to go shopping. I played with my sisters and my brother. We wandered into the forest to collect moss, twigs and holly to finish the crib. With my mother we went out to buy the final christmas presents for the family. On 24 December we prepared the meal for the evening. In the evenig there were my parents, my sisters, my brother and we invited my aunt. After the meal we watched a movie about christmas and after the movie we went to bed. On 25 December , in the morning, we opened our presents. My brother and my sisters were all happy. After opening them, we prepared the meal for the lunch. All my family were there for lunch. We had a great time. It was a beautiful Christmas.
The second week it a little more quiet. I did my homework, watch*ed** TV, & I played with my sisters and my brother the games they got for Christmas. We went to see many friends to wish them a Merry christmas. Then we had to shop again for the new year. On 31 December we prepared the traditional meal for New Year's Eve. Wedanced the night away. The next day we went to see friends and my family to wish them a Happy New Year and good health. Then on
Monday, january 2nd, we spent a long time sleeping.