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Illustration ??

Hunger games is an american movie written and directed by Garry Ross in 2012.

Hunger games is an adaptation of the novel of Suzann Collins. It tells the story of Katniss Everdeen, she voluntarily takes her younger sister’s place in the Huger games, a televised fight to the death, in witch which two teenagers from each of the twelve districts are chosen at random. At the end of this game only one person will survive.

I liked this movie because it’s a mixture of action and science fiction. They ARE an There is some interesting fighting between all of this these teenagers. All of they are them have a special way to fight using strength, intelligence, rapidity, skill…

Huger games received lots of amazing reviews. This movie is a real success !

After this movie Jennifer Lawrence (the main character) played in many movies but Hunger games stay remains her best success.

Bibliography: AlloCiné
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Illustration ??

Simple plan is a group of pop punk music. It was created in 1999.

This group is composed of five Quebecois musiciens musicians :

  • Pierre Bouvier
  • Sebastien Levebvre
  • Jeff Stinco
  • David Desrisiers,
  • Chuck Comeau

This first album was on released in November 2002, he name it & entitled No Pads, no helmets … Just bulls. At The same year the group play gave more than 300 concerts.

In 2004 they created the second album : Still Not Getting AnyIn there messages they use the popularity of their songs to convey their messages— they utilise his popularity for transmettre there messages—.

In 2008 his their third album was produce produced : Simple plan.

Simple plan sold more than 7 million d'album albums in the world worldwide, they had resewed a price in aout received an award in 2003.

On In 2010, Simple plan did made a donation of 10000 dollars for to help the victims of séisme in Haiti earthquake.

In 2010-2011 his 4 albums was produce were produced : Get you heart on !

Bibliography: Wikipédia
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